DevOps Certification Training Course

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About Course

Elevate your expertise with Wiculty’s comprehensive DevOps Certification Training Course Online. This industry-focused curriculum delves into the realm of DevOps, bridging the gap between software developers and operations professionals. Through hands-on training, you will explore continuous integration, continuous delivery, automated build, testing, and deployment using a plethora of DevOps tools such as Puppet, Git, Jenkins, Maven, Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, Nagios, Terraform, and DevSecOps. Whether you’re a novice or seeking to enhance your existing skills, this online course will empower you to master the art of DevOps.
Are you searching for the best devops training institution to skyrocket your vocational Possibilities? Look no further than wiculty’s devops certification training course. This Isn’t simply a course; it’s your visa to dominate the vibrant fusion of software Development and operations. Envision a learning experience that not only bridges the Gap between developer and operations but also moves you to the very front of devops Innovation. Our comprehensive and industry-focused curriculum is your secret weapon. Whether you are new to the it field, fresher and want to change your domain or an Experienced professional seeking to level up, our devops training online is your Gateway to unlocking the art of devops. Whether you are new to the it industry, want to Switch your domain, or are an experienced professional looking to upgrade, our devops Engineer course will help you unlock the art of devops. Prepare to plunge into the Astonishing space of continuous integration, delivery, automated build, testing, and Deployment. But that’s just the beginning – brace yourself for a hands-on exploration of The coolest devops tools out there: puppet, git, jenkins, maven, docker, ansible, Kubernetes, nagios, terraform, and the game-changing devsecops. At wiculty, we Don’t just teach theory we give an intensive learning experience that furnishes you with The capability to tackle complex issues in the fast-paced world of devops. Our devops Certification course online is vibrant and engaging, permitting you to cooperate with Teachers and companions, team up, and amplify your learning experience. Though let’s Talk about results. Wiculty’s devops foundation certification course isn’t just another Line on your resume – it’s a game-changer. This course is anticipated for people of all Capacity levels. Whether you’re just starting and need to build a solid foundation or You’re already familiar with advanced topics and tools, this course has something for Everyone. Whether you’re beginning new or intending to remain on top of things, we Care for you. Picture this – you, armed with a certification that not only validates your Devops expertise but propels you into the elite league of professionals who’ve Mastered the art. Our commitment to your success doesn’t end with the course it’s just The beginning of your journey into a world where devops isn’t just a skill – it’s a way of Life. Don’t settle for the ordinary – choose the extraordinary. Enrol now in wiculty’s Devops online courses and transform your career. Get ready to take charge of the Thrilling future of devops! Presently is your opportunity to be a pioneer and lead the way Forward. Unleash your potential – because, in the world of devops, there’s no limit to What you can achieve!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Gain proficiency in DevOps practices and tools.
  • Master continuous integration, deployment, and automation.
  • Acquire hands-on experience with Git, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, and more.
  • Understand Kubernetes for microservices orchestration.
  • Explore DevSecOps for secure application development.
  • Develop practical skills through real-time projects.
  • Prepare for DevOps certification exams with confidence.

Course Content

DevOps: The Big Picture

Module 1: Linux – Fundamentals, Administration & Cloud Practice Lab/Infrastructure Setup

Module 2: Git & GitHub – Version Control System

Module 3: Maven – Continuous Build Automation

Module 4: Tomcat & Nginx – Deployments, Application server & Web Server Management

Module 5: Jenkins – Continuous Integration, Deployments(CI/CD) & Testing with Junit/Selenium

Module 6: Docker – Core Ecosystem, Container Mgmt CMDs, Compute, Volumes

Module 7: Docker – Application Containerization & Continuous Deployment with Containers

Module 8: Kubernetes – Continuous Archestration & Microservices

Module 9: Ansible – Configuration Management with Ansible

Module 10 : Terraform – Infrastructure Building, Configuration & Versioning

Module 11: Nagios – Continuous Monitoring Using Nagios

Module 12: DevSecOps – Continuous Security, Code quality, Secure applications

Module 13: Shell Scripting – Core & Adv. Techniques ( FREE 30 Hrs self-paced )

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